Why Choose Future China?

We have a lot to offer; feel free to contact us for more information. .

50,000 Successful Projects

15 years OEM/ODM experience for mobile electronics supply chain management.


form idea into product just few month only ,Because we know that the Time To Market is a key factor to take markets shares and control your stock level.


We also have a professional technology development and an after-sales service team, and strictly follow ISO 9001:2008 standards for product process controls and quality detection.

Economy Cost

Because we know that the only way to keep being competitive is to build a streamlined value chain


Because we know that your revenue is also linked to the sell-out that the product will drive.more than 1000 kind of material and fit you need,we keep new material update and with strong sourcing team

Excellent Support

RFID inserted containers optimize the control of warehouse and make sure everything in warehouse can be tracked down.RFID label available keep the new technology for new retail solution,partnership with intel and IBM new retail