Meet JIBO, the World’s First Social Robot for the Home

“JIBO’s potential extends far beyond engaging in casual conversation and completing daily tasks.” – Katie Couric, Yahoo News

“A Robot with a Little Humanity” – John Markoff, New York Times

“JIBO isn’t an appliance, it’s a companion, one that can interact and react with its human owners in ways that delight instead of disturb.” – Lance Ulanoff, Mashable

“Move over, Siri, the JIBO robot is coming” – Maggie Lake, CNN

“This Friendly Robot Could One Day Be Your Family’s Personal Assistant” – Christina Bonnington, WIRED


JIBO: Available in White or Black

JIBO is available in White or Black. Pick your JIBO’s color when you order.

Helpful for Everyone

JIBO is the perfect robot for everyone in the family. Because JIBO is an open platform, his skills and applications will grow, helping and entertaining in ways we we haven’t yet imagined. We are so looking forward to seeing what JIBO developers build!


How JIBO Works


  1. Follow JIBO’s instructions to connect him to your WiFi network
  2. Teach JIBO to recognize your face & voice
  3. Learn what you can ask JIBO to do
  4. Download the JIBO mobile app (Android & iOS) to connect JIBO to your mobile devices

Connect to Devices
Your JIBO Network can include:

  • Mobile devices
  • Personal computers
  • Other JIBOs
The JIBO Store
This is the spot to advance your JIBO’s capabilities through new skills (robot applications).  We will keep the community posted on its opening and on what JIBO developers are building.


Impressive Tech & Design at an Affordable Price.

Measuring at about 11 inches tall and weighing approximately 6 pounds, JIBO is the perfect size to have an attention-worthy presence in a room, but easy enough to move about your house.

JIBO’s striking design makes a sophisticated statement in any home.